Sawmills In Portland


The wood industry has so much to offer – and it’s more than just cutting down trees for raw materials to be harvested and processed into beautiful products.

What’s more, you can actually see it for yourself!

Check out these sawmills in Portland:

Stimson Lumber Co.

Founded way back in the 1850s, Stimson Lumber Co. is an epitome of what the entire sawmill industry in the United States is about. Despite being one of the oldest sawmill business in the country, it didn’t stop them to continuously provide both sustainability and quality for consumers with the help of their highly acclaimed sponsors.

They offer wood products such as studs, dimension lumber, timbers, cedar, hardboard, and furring strips. Even more so, they value sustainability more than anyone else – via actively participating in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to protect wildlife, clean water, and recreation spots, amongst the many things nature has yet to offer.

TreeCycle Northwest

Who says cut down trees have no use anymore? You see, that’s what TreeCycle Northwest is about – using cut down trees for other purposes. Regardless of a tree being cut down because of either man-made or natural reasons such as being a hindrance to construction developments or being struck by lightning, tree is still wood and wood can be used for just about anything.

They offer wood products such as custom-milled softwoods from fir, cedar, and Sequoia redwood; sawing hardwood live-edge slabs, book-matched sets, dimensional lumber, and mantles; resawing long-sized beams and lumber. In addition, they also offer a wide range of milling services and log hauling through a machine dubbed as “Bluford Dyno Boomer.”

Hyla Woods

Hyla Woods is home to three forests within Northern Oregon, family-owned and family-run by seven generations of hardworking families. It was founded in 1848, back when Orrin Ingram worked in the forest and steam sawmill of the Adirondack Mountains in his teenage years. Many years passed by, the family involvement grew, and now – Hyla Woods is owned by Ned and Sis Hayes in 1986.

They offer wood products from oak, for flooring and lumber; maple, for flooring, counter tops, and lumber; fir, for beams, lumber, and flooring; and firewood and sawdust. Other wood products came from Douglas fir, Oregon white oak, ash, big-leaf maple, cedar, and yew – all of which are available on-hand in various shapes, sizes, and style of drying.

Indeed, the wood industry has so much to offer!

Meanwhile, click here to learn more about some of the tools being used in sawmills like those mentioned above.

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