What You Should Look for in a Leader

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Remember how serious you were when you read the reviews of masticating juicers before buying one? It turns out looking for a juicer isn’t that pressing (pun-intended) compared to finding the best leader!

As you know, bosses are everywhere, but leaders are difficult to find. You might have a boss, but he or she may not be a leader.

So how will you know if your boss is actually a leader? Simple. If you find these characteristics in him or her, that means he or she is the leader you should follow.


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If he or she thinks of the present without compromising the future and vice versa, then he or she is a leader. A leader must be both realistic and idealistic. There should be balance in his or her actions.

Team Player

A leader knows how to collaborate with the people he or she works with. A leader doesn’t only consider and prioritize his or her ideas, but also shows interest in others’ opinions.


A selfish boss isn’t good for you mentally, but a leader who knows how to treat people properly is an excellent model for you. You’ll know someone’s a leader if he or she understands that people make mistakes and that no one is perfect—even him. Check out Jack Ma’s advice before you turn 30 in this video:


A leader is ethical. He or she doesn’t tolerate corruption and misconduct. He or she stands firm on what’s right and not just for what’s easy. He or she would rather take the long journey to correct things, instead of taking a shortcut that’s unjust.


A leader knows how to respect other people’s time by not being tardy. Aside from that, he or she also honors your time with your family as well as your rest days. He or she gives respect and therefore receives the same.

respect scrabble


It’s difficult to look for devoted leaders nowadays, but they still exist. A leader keeps his or her promises and encourages his or her co-workers to be passionate about their work by being a great example. A leader proves that actions speak louder than words.


A leader inspires you to become a better individual and employee. He or she makes sure you’re learning and growing in your job. A boss prevents you from applying your skills and showing your talents, but a leader will support and encourage you to be as resourceful and creative as you can be.

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