7 Things Community Organizers Should Keep in Mind


Like the efficient lights from www.LEDGrowLights101.com, community organizers provide illumination to issues in communities that need people’s participation. LED lights give lighting to plants like cannabis, but organizers shed light to problems that need to be solved and give empowerment for the community to grow.

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The work of community organizers isn’t easy, and no program is perfect, which is why here are the most important things they need to remember:

The Needs of the People Go First

Community Organizers should bear in mind that the interest and needs of the audience or the beneficiaries of the program should be the priority. After all, they exist to help the community reach their goals and lessen (if not eliminate) their current problems.

Community Immersion is Effective


In order to identify the needs of the people, community organizers must get to know the people first. They can do this by living in the community, having a conversation with the leaders and common folk, and participating in their activities. Organizers must let the people know through their actions that they’re sincerely interested in helping them.

Materials Must Be Tested

To make the development program successful, community organizers mustn’t jump from planning to implementation. Materials needed to be used such as promotion tools should be tested and evaluated before implementing the program.

Networks and Alliance-Building is Important


It’s essential to build alliances with the people in authority or organizations that could aid in the development program. Some institutions could offer support in any way, be it financial or not. The power of persuasion is also essential during this alliance-building.

Creativity and Resourcefulness Are Significant

Just because newspapers aren’t really a thing in the city you’re residing in doesn’t mean they’re ineffective tools in the community you’re working with. Community organizers need to use as many feasible materials as they could to meet the needs of the people.

Empowering the People is Beneficial

empowerment team unity

Leading the community into a sustainable lifestyle is important. It’s better than spoon-feeding them with all their needs as of the moment, only to let the problem arise again later. Empowering leaders and community people can help them identify, evaluate, and solve their issues today and in the future. One way to empower them is to train them or conduct seminars. Community organizers must, therefore, encourage the people to participate and they should also believe in the capability of the citizens. Organizers must be the inspiring light that will guide the people to do their best to find the solutions to their troubles.

It Doesn’t End with Implementation

The implementation of the program that could solve the community’s problems isn’t the end. The program should be monitored and evaluated for further modifications and improvements as well.


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