The Importance of Community Communication

community communication

Do you have a bread machine? Before buying one, you read reviews of bread making machines, right? Let’s do the same in this article. Before we proceed to the significance of applying community communication, let’s have a review of the definition of community and communication first.


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Before we proceed to community communication, let’s first define what communication is. A community doesn’t necessarily refer to people living near one another as a town or a province. A community may also be a group of people that are far from each other but have the same cause, issue, or interests. Its members may be geographically located in different regions but still communicate with one another through the use of technology. For instance, it could be an informal group of scholars united by one theoretical interest. It could also be an online university or invisible college.


How about this term? Communication has thousands of definition around the world. Some defined it as a social interaction through messages, while some define it as the transmission of information, ideas, opinions, and so on from one person or group to another with the use of symbols. One thing is for sure, though, in communication, there is always a message. This message then becomes the reason why interaction exists. We could also say communication is dynamic, as it always changes, and that it uses language. It is also essential for the growth of the individuals and the society.

Community Communication

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This is a process of social interaction conducted in small groups with the application of interpersonal and indigenous or small media. Indigenous or small media refers to low-powered radio broadcasts; community audio tower systems (CATS) using public address technology; puppetry; cable television; community theater; audiovisual media used in groups; and other folk expressions and media where the people in the community could relate.

The Importance of Community Communication

community communication

Since organizers use small media, community communication becomes highly beneficial to communities that have little or no access to high-tech gadgets and media. It is favorable in rural areas and is also an excellent way to reach out to communities. The indigenous or folk media used in community communication are tools that are close to their traditions and activities, which would encourage them to participate in community development. Take note that in most rural communities, the acceptance of tri-media is difficult because they view them as a threat to their traditions and values. But through community communication, people will be empowered to identify, plan, and solve their problems with the use of their own indigenous media.

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