8 Reasons that Make Portland a Great Place to Live


Active living, a dose of nature anytime you want, and life in an urban setting you would not mind waking up to everyday are just among the many reasons Portland in Oregon is a good place to live in. Whether you are thinking of moving to a new place or looking for the next city to explore, here are some of the top reasons to add Portland to your travel list.

Art scene
Portland has a vibrant art scene. Art lovers will be happy to see the city’s many public arts, art galleries, artisan retailer shops. There are a wide array of artworks and other expressions of creativity in the city’s communities.

Bike-friendly city
Portland has been hailed as the bike-friendliest city in the US. Bicycle riding is part of the daily life for many of the city’s residents. This is largely due to the biking measures in place which puts premium on the availability of safe bicycling paths and other policies that encourage residents to use their bike whether for recreation or for commuting to work.

Portland is also a haven for coffee lovers. There are several coffee roasters and coffee shops that serve great tasting cups of coffee in this side of the world.

Craft beer
Beer lovers would find plenty of reasons to visit Portland. The city is home to more than seventy breweries. There are many beer festivals to celebrate and enjoy. There is no dearth of places to find delicious craft beers and beer-centric activities when in Portland.

Farm to table food
Portland residents encourage and support buying locally-grown products. Getting food from the farm to the table is widely practiced. Taking cue from the residents, you can savor some of the city’s home-grown food products.

Green living
Portland prides itself for being an eco-conscious city. Its buying local initiative, bike-friendliness, and community gardens are just some of the initiatives in place that promote green living.

Parks and gardens
Portland may be a bustling city. But it has many green spaces like parks and gardens where residents and tourists alike can spend time with nature.

Public transportation

Portland makes getting around easy with its accessible and efficient public transportation system. The city’s Tilikum Crossing: Bridge of the People is touted to be the largest car-free bridge in the US. The said bridge is mainly used by cyclists, pedestrians, the Portland Streetcar, and TriMet.

Building the Skills to Become an Effective Leader


Anyone can lead, if needed. But not everyone can be effective in doing the job that needs to be done. And in today’s complex and sometimes chaotic business or public governance environment, effectiveness is one of the traits leaders need. Leading a team or a group of people with different personalities, work styles, and mindsets is one of the major challenges of taking on a leadership role. Knowing how to develop leadership skills in yourself and others can help you produce the results you want.

Sharing a clear vision. Setting a direction and communicating a clear and compelling vision are usually at the top end of a leadership skills list. How strongly you believe in the vision often translates to the way you communicate it to your people, which can inspire them to achieve collective goals. You have to make the vision resonate in your actions as well as in the decisions you make.

Growth-focused leadership. The best leaders are those who maximize and tap into people’s potentials. The ability to recognize and acknowledge every member’s unique talents and contributions helps in building strong relationships. You also have to provide a suitable environment that would support creativity and innovation. If you want to deliver the best results as a leader, you have to make room for the continual growth of your people and motivate them to contribute more to the team.

Decisive but flexible. Adaptability and flexibility are among the important leadership qualities that you have to cultivate to successfully lead a team. There are times that call on “situational leadership” wherein you choose a style that works best for your team. It is important that you know how to read and understand your team so you can adjust your leadership style to what would generate the best possible outcomes.

Integrity-driven. Integrity builds trust. And trustworthiness is essential in cultivating effective leadership skills. Your team will follow and support your leadership if they know you are worthy of their trust. Being honest and making the right decisions regardless of your personal feelings can make people trust you more. When it comes to integrity and trustworthiness, your actions will speak more than your words do.

Leading people is both challenging and rewarding. You will have to harness effective leadership skills to motivate people to work together while inspiring them to develop their optimum potential. Constantly improving yourself as a leader can help you provide the leadership that can drive a team to cooperate and perform at their best.