Runescape – A Review

Runescape is an MMORPG that was originally developed and released back in 2001. Compared to the games of today, the original version of this game looks crude and simple. Back then, however, it was a ground breaking product that offered a huge map, nice graphics and a user-friendly controls. It was also quite fun, and received a lot of attention from the MMO community at the time. And it’s a great game, but a lot of people have started botting in the game, which has lead to a lot of people asking: is rsbuddy safe? – And from what I’ve seen and tested, it is very much safe.

It’s worth remembering that Runescape is a medieval MMORPG, so it shares a lot of features with games, like Warcraft. Unlike other MMORPGs, however, it pioneered many aspects of its genre, such as expanded skill systems and world building for example. Back in 2001 and throughout much of the 2000’s, this game was unique, and also one of the most popular, and many fantasy MMOs owe at least some of their gameplay and features to Runescape.

rs old schoolToday, Runescape is now in its third incarnation, and it continues to be a very entertaining game. Even with competition from other MMORPGs in the market, it still has a lot of fans in the MMO community. The game’s latest incarnation features improved graphics as well as better PvP mechanics. The gameplay has also improved quite a bit, and continues to attract new fans. So all in all, Runescape could still be described as a very good and relatively popular MMO game.


– Large world
– No class restrictions
– Simple attractive graphics
– Great game mechanics
– Very good skill system


– May occasionally lag
– Additional features require subscription


Runescape is one of the oldest MMOs on the internet, and for some people, one of the best. Although it has certainly seen a lot of changes over the years, it has not lost most of its appeal. It is still an enjoyable game and thanks to the latest improvements, it can compete with other MMOs in the market.